Our Services

wial offers

Innovative & Results Focused Service helps you:

  • Enhance business performance
  • Rapidly solve problems
  • Create innovative solutions
  • Achieve significant ROI
  • Build organization capability
  • Managing change

We offer services in three broad categories: 





We help organizations enhance business performance, achieve a substantial return  on investment (ROI) and enhance individual, team and business capability.  Our consulting helps you identify and understand the heart of the issues you face, explore solutions and navigate through stalled decision making.


Training & Development


Want to learn how you can refine your program with minimal investment? WIAL can incorporate Action Learning into your existing leadership/talent/management development/innovation programs without too much re-structuring and additional investment. Our powerful process help build your team’s capacity to resolve complex challenges and develop leadership skills needed by twenty-first-century managers.  Our training & development solutions move beyond old, ineffective group dynamics and achieve behaviour transformation. We help learners to think differently and identify the true challenges aimed at building sustainable solutions in real time.


WIAL Certification


We certify individuals as Action Learning Coaches and train groups in the Action Learning Process.