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Action Learning is a dynamic approach to problem solving that fosters collaboration, enhances communication, and improves leadership skills while

focusing on finding practical solutions to real organizational challenges. 

This year's focus is Improving Performance – The Neuroscience of Action Learning. 

Are Your “Problem Solving Meetings” Causing Problems?

Attending an Action Learning demonstration with the co-founders of the World Institute for Action Learning will lead you towards breakthrough solutions. Bring an urgent organizational problem and see what Action Learning can do for you. Action Learning has rapidly emerged as the primary tool for solving critical and complex problems while concurrently serving as a key methodology for developing leaders, building teams, and expanding capabilities. Increasingly, more organizations want their programs conducted by Certified Action Learning coaches. Meet and connect with certified AL coaches in your area that can conduct Action Learning for you or learn about WIAL's intensive Action Learning Coach Certification Program and enhance your career, your value to your organization and your organizations performance with an Action Learning Coach Certification.


Action Learning in Action:  How Action Learning Coaches Harness Collective Ambition


Can you pinpoint why some companies thrive, some teams are high performers and some leaders seem to “lead” their teams “better”?   One answer can be Collective Ambition.  That is, how leaders and teams together think about their organizational purpose, what is to be accomplished, how they will collaborate to achieve results, the conditions needed to align their brand promise with their core values, and how they shape the behaviors to support sustained “collective excellence” over singular goals.

Dear Colleagues,
I am pleased to welcome you to the 2016 WIAL Annual Conference in Warsaw, Poland on October 19-20th. This year, the theme is “Developing Agile Leaders Through Action Learning ”.  
As organizations, both private and public, experience internal and external challenges, such as technology, communication, social expectations, etc., so is the need to develop leaders who can create the conditions for organizational performance, teams that can innovate faster and organizations that create knowledge management systems that go beyond formal roles and responsibilities.

 It is with great pleasure that the WIAL-USA Board of Directors proudly announces two new members to serve the Action Learning Community.    Andrea Cole and Peter Loan bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, and will be a great asset to the organization. 
Andrew Rahaman, Ed.D 
Chairman of the Board