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April 11th's meeting, held at the beautiful Montlake Library in Seattle was another great evening of sharing and learning. We continue to have new people join us and learn the impact action learning can have on individuals and organizations.


During the March meeting, many noted that our skills at asking questions, particularly open-ended questions, was fairly poor. As a result, it was agreed that we would spend the April meeting improving our ability to ask good questions, avoiding our tendency to ask leading or yes/no questions.                                                                                                                                    


We started with a short exercise to start working our asking muscles and discovered it is harder than we think. Really listening to the answer someone provides before forming your next question is a skill that takes effort and practice.


At the evenings’ end, all agreed this was a beneficial meeting and a great way to be ‘better’ participants in an action learning session. For those unable to attend, I’m providing a link HERE to Dr. Mike Marquardt’s article about questions. Read through and you’ll garner much of what we discussed last night.


May’s meeting is being planned and will be held on Monday, May 9th at adaQuest in Bellevue. See the Chapter page for details and to Register.

Inquiries can be submitted to Andrea Cole, Senior Action Learning Coach