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The 2015 WIAL USA and Global Conference



On October 28-30 2015, an international audience came together in Arlington, Virginia to hear and engage in conversations about action learning at the WIAL-USA and Global Conference. Our theme was "Leading and Sustaining Change through Action Learning."

Show me an organization with three people, and I’ll show you an organization that has at least two silos! An exaggeration? Maybe. But, I would argue, only a little. Silos are inevitable when you have different groups of people performing different functions. Even where you have a solid commitment from all your functional units to an organization-wide mission, silos can become problems.

I was recently asked by a group of identified leaders in a leadership development course to define learning.  I pushed the question back to the group and captured the responses on a newsprint.  The theme that emerged without much surprise indicated that learning and action are jointly tied. A great question surfaced from our conversation “how do we know when learning has occurred?” This spiraled the group into ideological chatter. The cognitive energy in the room was quite spirited.  I proposed as many other researchers have, that there are specific skills attached to learning.  When individuals engage in listening, observing, and engage their senses, or experience any somatic change, the body registers this and stores it for future use. When triggered, the human body may fire synapses and trigger experience.  The state of change triggers the learning.  Hence, we learn when we engage in action, we learn – think back to when you learned that touching fire was not something to continue doing?

New Seattle Chapter Kickoff Held February 11

Thursday, February 11 saw a full house of Organizational Development professionals gather to learn and share about WIAL action learning. All but two of the attendees were new to action learning and curious to see how they might incorporate it into their work.

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