Certification Levels and Requirements

Research indicates that a key success factor for Action Learning programs is having a trained Action Learning coach at the helm. Increasingly, more organizations want their programs conducted by Certified Action Learning coaches (CALC). Professionals can enhance their careers and value to their organizations with a certification in Action Learning from WIAL, the certification organization for Action Learning. There are four levels of certification, each with increased education and requirements. Certified Action Learning Coaches (CALCs) can coach Action Learning sessions, Professional Action Learning Coaches (PALCs) have proven their ability as coaches and can lead Foundations, Senior Action Learning Coaches (SALCs) are cleared to lead all WIAL programs, and Master Action Learning Coaches (MALCs) are considered thought leaders within the Action Learning community.



Four levels of certification


Certified Action Learning Coach

Graduates, of the WIAL programs, which have successfully completed all of the requirements.

CALCs can be internal or external to an organization and have a strong desire to help teams solve problems and develop using Action Learning.

Professional Action Learning Coach

CALCs who have at least 100 hours of WIAL coaching experience and have been cleared to teach Foundations.

PALCs are seasoned professional Action Learning Coaches. They have a stronger desire to coach Action Learning teams than to train others to be Action Learning Coaches. Some SALCs will apply for PALC while waiting to lead CALC1 and CALC2.

Senior Action Learning Coach

CALCs (or PALCs) who have at least 100 hours of WIAL coaching experience and have been cleared to teach all WIAL certification programs.

SALCs will coach Action Learning teams, and have a strong desire to teach others to be Action Learning Coaches. SALCs will frequently develop an affiliate or a chapter to an affiliate in a given region. A PALC who has lead CALC1 and CALC2 does not have to complete a second project.

Master Action Learning Coach

SALCs with at least WIAL 500 hours of coaching experience. They are published, presented and considered an expert in the WIAL method of Action Learning. Potential MALCs are proposed to the WIAL board by an existing MALC. A majority vote of the board.

Considered a thought leader in the field of Action Learning.

Authorized to conduct on behalf of WIAL

  Certified Action Learning Coach Professional Action Learning Coach Senior Action Learning Coach Master Action Learning Coach

Coach Action Learning

Lead Foundations   X X X
Lead CALC     X X
Mentor CALCs & PALCs     X X
Mentor SALCs       X