2016 WIAL Annual Conference - Warsaw, Poland

2016 WIAL Annual Conference - Warsaw, Poland




Dear Colleagues,


I am pleased to welcome you to the 2016 WIAL Annual Conference in Warsaw, Poland on October 19-20th. This year, the theme is “Developing Agile Leaders Through Action Learning”.  As organizations, both private and public, experience internal and external challenges, such as technology, communication, social expectations, etc. so is the need to create leaders who can create the conditions for organizational performance, teams that can innovate faster and organizations that create knowledge management systems that go beyond formal roles and responsibilities.


During the two days, we’ll hear from national and international speakers to explore and engage in conversation where action learning is being used successfully to create leader agility and organizational synergy to:


  • Developing leaders and their ability to adapt quickly to a changing environments;  
  • Creating sustainable competitive strategic organizations;
  • Implementing organizational change;
  • Developing innovative teams;
  • Establishing cultural norms for organizational performance,
  • Coaching teams.


I know you’ll find the annual conference, workshops and interaction with other action learning coaches beneficial and I encourage you to be part of the conversation.  I look forward to meeting you in Poland.





Andrew Rahaman, Ed.D



For the full list of speakers, please see

 WIAL Annual Conference - Warsaw, Poland - October 19-20, 2016


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