2017 WIAL-USA annual Conference recap

Improving Performance – The Neuroscience of Action Learning

Ongoing study of the human brain provides us with important insights into adult learning and development.

Participants learned…

  • ·         What exactly is happening inside our brains as we work and lead?
  • ·         What would be the value of knowing the ‘brain-friendly’ way to lead others?
  • ·         How might that knowledge impact our leadership skills, and our competencies in giving feedback, brainstorming, coaching other, and more?
  • ·         How can leaders combine knowledge of brain science and Action Learning to engage the workforce, encourage collaboration, and solve real problems to meet today's challenges?
  • ·         What would it be like to be a more conscious leader – fully aware, highly creative, and leaving a consistently positive impact on those around you?

Phil Dixon, of Second and Nun Street Group, was our keynote speaker and conference presenter. Phil is deeply involved in the application of neuroscience; applying it to leadership and management practices such as coaching, development, change planning/management, creating culture changes, and action learning. Phil is passionate about the brain…everyone’s brain. Since 2002, he has devoted himself to the application of the growing body of knowledge about the brain; applying it to the field of leadership development and management.


Also at this conference we:

  • Experienced the Action Learning process during break-out sessions.
  • Heard a team of panelists who are currently using Action Learning in varied arenas such as: Corporations, Non-Profits, Government, and Small Business.
  • Networked with coaches, leadership specialists, and entrepreneurs.
  • Enjoyed a day in the beautiful, historic area of downtown Frederick, Maryland.


Heard From Participants

Great opportunity to connect with practitioners and grow some new skills.

Useful and actionable information.

Some good takeaways and ideas to integrate into my coaching practice.

The conference ignited my pursuit of Action Learning coach certification.

Great session today. You clearly illuminated the path forward.

Really enjoyed it.

Coming Soon

Podcast of Phil Dixon’s talks. Email to be informed when it’s available.

Video snippets of Mike coaching a session. Watch the WIAL YouTube channel


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2018 WIAL USA Conference

Oct 22, 2018

Energizing Engagement Through Action Learning

Seattle Washington

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