Session: Direct Marketing for Action Learning Coaches

Running a consulting company and being an Action Learning coach requires
the ability and skills to form relationships with the current and potential
clients. In the business where the client does not take the product off a
shelf but rather decides on buying it through conversations with the coach,
relationships are essential. In this presentation you will learn a few tips
about getting to the end client- the person who makes decisions and also
get knowledge about free online tools that may help you market your
services. Learn how to make vibrant newsletters, use good graphics and
create simple videos that will bring you attention from your target group!

Tomasz Janiak – psychological trainer and coach.

Tom has been working in education and coaching for over 10 years. He has received certification from International Coaching Federation and World Institute for Action Learning. He is also a graduate of Noble Manhattan Coaching school.

In business, he has worked in sales and direct marketing, rendering services mainly for medical practices in Florida, USA. Currently he works as a trainer in a coaching school "Select Your Way” in Poland and is the president of WIAL Poland as well as Chair of the Membership Committee of WIAL.

His specialization is forming relationships both within and outside of an organization, including direct marketing, leadership development, psychological training as well as individual and team coaching.